ZA-FFERANO – a Polish distribution company,specialising in new high quality ingredients and flavourings catered for the bakery, confectionary and ice-cream industry. Our vast portfolio includes:……everything you need to create amazing, on-trend confectionary, ice-cream and other related products that will connect with today’s consumers. ZA-FFERANO is led by a young friendly team of professionals, with a wealth of experience and expertise in this business. Our knowledge and insight into trends and preferences driving consumption, can help customers improve existing products and develop new ones. We guarantee our products will create delicious tastes and flavours that will delight consumers.
Our partners are well established reputable European Companies. All products have been quality assured in accordance with European standards for quality and safety. ZA-FFERANO aim:
  • to deliver excellent results through product solutions
  • to be efficient and reliable to our customers
  • to ensure a professional and positive experience

Apple’s tart

Remarkable tart with saffron on a delicate crispy base. With a large quantity of apples combined with cream pudding with a delicious cream and applesauce. Tart perfect for any time of year. We invite you to try the recipe!

We invite you to read the recipe.
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tarta czekoldadowa

Chocolate- hazelnut tart with forest fruit and cherries

Chocolate  tart with the chocolate-hazelnut cream and forest fruit. To emphasize the flavour was added layer of cherries. Simple cake to make. Beautiful decoration with fruit and whipped cream dusted with icing sugar makes you want to eat cake eyes. “Delicate in taste - simply delicious!

We invite you to read a recipe.

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Fancy, colorful cookies of French origin that has captured the world. Characterized by a sensitive, brittle texture, and to benefit from the velvety taste, creamy mass. Modern in form, perfect for different events.

We invite you to read the recipe.

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Delicate, light and soft muffins with vanilla and chocolate. As soon as you see them they immediately want to eat them, and their preparation is very simple. To carry them out, you can use our fruit gels and creams that are ideal for baking. Excellent in maintaining the entire surface of the fruit. Wonderful smell and taste deliciously.

We invite you to read the recipe.

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  • Expo sweet 22-25 february

    05.02.2015 11:28

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    During the Expo Sweet Warsaw 22-25.02.2015, the company Za-fferano Sp. z o.o sp. k. with its major supplier will have a chance to present a wide range of Ice-cream and confectionery in 2015.
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  • valentine’s day is coming…

    15.01.2015 11:44

    On the occasion of  the Valentine’s Day, our developers have prepared for you a unique recipe! They are delicious cakes  with a delicate cream strawberry, cherry on biscuit bottom. With excellent  black currant jam, which perfectly compose with creams. Active dipped strawberry glaze! Read more


Welcome to ZA-FFERANO world
14.08.2014 02:34

Za-fferano  from Italian - saffron arousing emotions like everything that is “the most:

most valuable spice in the world, and also the only one that also gives the dish color, aroma and taste, used as a coloring agent in baked goods and confectionery