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About us

Za-fferano Polska is a company specializing in the sale of raw materials and components dedicated to the food industry, primarily to the producers of sweets and ice cream, as well as to the confectionery and baking crafts.

As a business organization connecting producers – our suppliers with our clients, we systematically expand the portfolio of our products. Especially we focus on preparing individual solutions and specific applications that respond to the non-standard needs of our clients.

The company makes every effort to understand customer requirements as best as possible, constantly and systematically increasing the level of service and offering the highest quality products.

Our suppliers are world-class producers, with experience on the market and with a guarantee of quality, confirmed by numerous certificates in the field of food safety, in accordance with the applicable GFSI standards.

Based on many years of experience we have an excellent understanding of our contractors expectations that is why we are consistently and constantly developing and striving to improve our partnership.


exceeding customer expectations

partnership cooperation with contractors

continuous and systematic improvement