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Zafferano Polska constantly and systematically strives to improve the quality of the solutions offered and customer service standards.

These efforts are confirmed by the obtained quality certificates, which are presented below.


It is with great satisfaction that we would like to inform you that in 2023 Za-fferano Polska once again fulfilled the requirements of IFS (International Featured Standards) Broker version 3.1, June 2021 for categories 1.5, 1.6, 1.10 at a higher level with a score of 98.45%.

Certificate valid until 2024-12-30


It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Za-fferano Polska sp. z o.o. in 2023 has passed the inspection and received the organic certificate number PL-EKO-12.616-0011505.2023.001.

Certificate valid until 2024-12-31


See the certificate confirming the reliability and timeliness
of our company